Significant concerns have been raised by Stroud Town Council following the decision to close two care homes.

Last week, a cross-party group of opposition councillors on Gloucestershire County Council tried to prevent the closure of Wyatt House and Southfield care homes in Stroud by asking for a 'call in' of the Conservative cabinet's decision to shut them.

But, at a special meeting of the Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee, their request for the call in – which would have seen the cabinet's closure decision reviewed and potentially overturned – was voted down six to three.

Stroud Town Council say they had serious concerns with the proposed closures, and wrote to Cllr Roger Wilson, the cabinet member responsible last month to meet to discuss the issues without reply.

In the letter the town council stated: "We have significant concerns about the process Gloucestershire County Council is following, including the lack of time available to consider the proposals, and the impact of the closure on residents at both properties.

"Although the consultation states that residents have the option of staying in 'Stroud', this means the district and not the town.

"We understand that only 21 rooms are available within a six-mile radius of Stroud, so residents will be forced out of the area they know, causing hardship to family members supporting their relatives, putting extra pressure on care staff and causing an environmental impact through visitors having to travel further."

The town council added that they extend its sympathy to the staff and residents of Southfield and Wyatt House and their relatives, following the decision by Gloucestershire County Council to close their homes.

However, the county council say a larger number of rooms were available within the radius at the time of the decision to close the homes.

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire County Council said: “We received a lot of feedback on the proposal to close Southfield and Wyatt House and we want to thank people for taking the time to write to us.

"Due to the high number of responses we were unable to answer each one individually, however, this letter from Stroud Town Council, along with all of the feedback raised, was considered by cabinet members before they made the decision to close the care homes.

“At the time of the decision, there were 77 vacancies within Stroud district and 55 vacancies within 6 miles, not 21 as the letter states.

"Several families have already taken the opportunity to relocate their loved ones closer to where they live, outside of the town centre.”

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