An 11-year-old from Stroud who decided to forgo birthday presents for donations to be made in his name, has raised a very credible £335 for Teckels animal sanctuary.

Ethan Poppelman of Folly Lane, who turned 11 earlier this month, decided to use his summer holidays to fundraise for a cause close to his heart.

Being a passionate lover and supporter of animals, Ethan decided the beneficiary would be the animal centre that rescues and rehomes vulnerable animals.

As a thanks for his hard work, Ethan and his brother Dylan, 9, were invited for a tour of the centre which also provides boarding facilities for domestic pets.

"Ethan feels more inspired to follow his passion of working with animals," said his mum, Marisa.

"He will continue to fundraise for Teckels and be involved from a distance until he reaches the age of 14 when he can start to volunteer there."