WASPS make me angry.

They spoil any attempt to eat or drink on pleasing summer days and they are no more than stinging assassins raiding any alfresco dining.

What purpose do they serve?

What good do they do?

It is different with bees, these stinging visitors do know their place and benefit society considerably.

They produce honey and perform the vital task of pollination.

They go about their business quietly, only becoming angry if disturbed.

They are to be valued and encouraged.

With wasps it is different.

Deterring them is impossible.

They become aware of any sandwich, cake or drink about and arrive in large numbers.

A spray that deters them has yet to find its way into my garden shed.

The only defence I know of is a well-placed decoy such as an empty but unwashed jam jar but who carries such a messy item around with them?

I have grown up with different names for wasps.

‘Wappies’ in my childhood, then ‘Wobblers’ and for some unfathomable reason ‘Jaspers’.

The first two are understandable but why ‘Jaspers’, and how widely known and used is this title? I am sure readers have many other names for these wretched pests.

There seems to be no natural predator to contain the growth in numbers of these appalling creatures, and no purpose that they serve in our natural world.

We have heard about how wildlife including the insect world being affected by crop sprays and fertilisers, while wasps remain immune.

It is not fair!

You will gather from reading this that these yellow and black creatures upset me considerably.

Advice on dealing with them is much needed in the Light house.

I doubt if you have any however because they will have defeated so many of us but if you have achieved mastery please let me know, whether your success is temporary or permanent.

Picnic lovers, we must hit back!

These wretched creatures must not be allowed to spoil our summer delights.