A member of the public has repaired and reinstated a public rubbish bin after it was thrown into the Stroud canal.

Alex Edwards was walking alongside the canal and was dismayed to see that the bin had been thrown into the canal at Merrywalks, with its contents strewn across the water and towpath.

"It was a pretty sick act of vandalism and it left me wondering what had happened," said Mr Edwards who discovered the bin at about 12.30pm on Monday, September 2.

However, Mr Edwards was later delighted to discover no more than a couple of hours later that the bin had been reinstalled.

A fellow pedestrian, Chloe Woodward, took photos of an unidentified volunteer fishing the bin out of the water and collecting the rubbish.

Chloe commented, "It was awful to walk along the canal today to see a bin had been chucked into the canal, but what a great man for getting it all out."