County councillor Lesley Williams has endured a day of what it would be like to be a dementia sufferer.

Cllr Williams (Lab, Stonehouse) donned partially-sighted glasses, heavy clothing and used a zimmer frame in an attempt to experience the difficulties that those with limited sight, mobility undergo.

Cllr Williams gamely undertook the challenge at Charlton Lane Hospital, a facility for older people with dementia and mental health illness.

"Thanks to various aids to simulate the many symptoms of dementia, I discovered what the effect on one's life in having very limited vision, hearing and mobility," Cllr Williams wrote on her Facebook page.

A photo of Cllr Williams with a zimmer frame shows her wearing glasses which she said "simulated very partial sight," as well as very heavy clothing "to severely limit mobility."

"With great difficulty I manoeuvred out of the meeting room and into the nearby car park," Cllr Williams wrote.

"Thank you to the team who steered us through a very valuable and sobering day."

Charlton Lane Hospital was designed with advice from experts in dementia and environments at Stirling University.

It comprises three wards with access to communal and private sensory gardens, a family suite, plus therapy department which includes an arts room and physiotherapy room.