A DAD from Stroud has filed a police report after a driver allegedly hit his car during a parking row.

Christian Cooke was parked outside Uplands Primary School, to collect his daughter, last Wednesday (September 4) when the incident took place at around 3pm.

The 29-year-old from Stonehouse told the SNJ that he was parked in a space between two driveways in Thompson Road when a woman asked him to move his Vauxhall Corsa so that she could park her car in front of her driveway, on which another vehicle was already parked.

Christian said he refused to move his car because he was parked legally and not blocking any driveways. He said the woman’s vehicle was simply too long to fit in the space in front of her driveway.

He said: “I was under no obligation to move my car as it was parked legally, so the onus was on her to find another spot. I was playing with my youngest daughter while waiting for my eldest to come out of school, so I did not want to move it.

“The woman wouldn’t be deterred, however, and tried to park illegally on the dropped kerb. Myself and other witnesses saw her hit my car on two occasions while she tried to reverse into the spot.

“I was forced to exit the school and run over to tell her she’d damaged my car.

“The woman denied hitting my car and kept saying ‘I didn’t. I have parking sensors and a camera.’ I reminded her of the witnesses who saw the incident who would vouch for me.

“I demanded her details, but she refused. She then argued that she hadn’t caused damage to my car and was unwilling to share details in order for us to move forward.

“The woman finally walked off and parked up the road. I took pictures of her, her car, my car and the damage on the back.”

Christian reported the incident to Gloucestershire Police on Friday.

The SNJ contacted the woman involved but she declined to comment. She did say that she is adamant that she did not bump Christian’s car