THE owner of Forest Green Rovers has claimed that the football club would deserve to go out of business if it was contributing to climate change.

Dale Vince, who is also the owner of the major green energy provider, Ecotricity, made the claim while talking to radio station LBC this morning as he threw his support behind Extinction Rebellion's latest protests.

When asked by the station's presenter if he would be ok with the protests leading to his club going out of business, Mr Vince replied: "If Forest Green Rovers is a major polluter causing climate extinction, then yes, we'd deserve it."

During the interview, he also said the group's move to "upset the status quo" is necessary, because of the climate emergency.

He said: "We can't go about our business as usual and wait for the government to do something.

"Britain has been paralysed by Brexit for three years [when] we've got ten years to save the world."

You can see the LBC interview here: