ARCHIVISTS who have been clearing their collections out of an old flour mill near Sainsbury’s car park say they were told this morning told that they must be out by 2pm this afternoon.

John Keenan, curator at the Stroud Mills Heritage Centre, is now appealing for any volunteers who can come along and help convey some of the pieces out of the building. 

"If anyone could give up some time to come and help, I'd really appreciate it," said Mr Keenan.

The Stroud Mills Heritage Centre volunteers had been storing their local history collections in Kimmins Mill in Stroud, which is in Sainsbury’s car park.

The heritage centre volunteers occupied the mill from 2000 to 2018, but last year Sainsbury’s handed them notice to quit.

The team have been endeavouring to find new locations for all the collections since then.

They have not found new homes for all the pieces yet and are concerned that some of them will be lost unecessarily.

John Keenan said: "For example, it's taken nearly a year to find a home for our trade collection, which amounts to 2,500 archive boxes.

"We've established a new home just this week, at Warwick University, but the boxes are all on the fifth floor, and we need to get them out of the building."

The SNJ has contacted the supermarket for confirmation.