FOREST GREEN football fans were in for a surprise when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was spotted on their train journey back to Stroud.

Returning from their 2-1 victory at arch- rivals Cheltenham Town, Corbyn joined the celebrating fans when boarding the train at Gloucester station having earlier made an address  at the University of Gloucestershire's Oxstalls Campus.

Eagle-eyed former SNJ photographer Carl Hewlett clocked the opposition leader after spending his day off watching Cheltenham and Forest Green lock horns.

“He caught the train at 6.30pm and he was on the phone when I took the picture and my father-in-law shook his hand afterwards,” revealed Carl, who now runs his own commercial imaging company.

“He (Jeremy Corbyn) had an entourage of people hanging around his seat, but I couldn't say if they were security people.

“He took everything in his stride when some of the fans started chanting that he was off to the local night club in Stroud, but I'm pretty certain he was on his way to Paddington.”

Arsenal fan Jeremy Corbyn is a close political friend of current incumbent Stroud MP and Forest Green supporter and former vice-chairman David Drew.

A General Election is set to take place on December 12.