STROUD based author Jola Malin is to give talk about a book that she wrote to mourn her sister who committed suicide.

At the Prinknash Abbey meeting room on Thursday, November 14, at 10.30am, Jola will be introducing ‘Carry a Whisper’, her book about finding a language for loss and searching for ‘healing’.

“Everyone is welcome,” she said.

“We know it happens, but it’s so hard to talk about.

“I’m particularly concerned for the wellbeing of friends and family left to deal with the complex grief after a suicide.

“My book is only one person’s story, but I hope by talking about it, perhaps it will help people search out the help they need.”

Jola’s book is for sale in the cafe bookshop and at Stroud Bookshop.

Jola also facilitates a regular Wednesday morning Time to Talk in the Prinknash Abbey Cafe, which she said was inspired by a national initiative initiated by the charity Mind, amongst others.

“We provide a safe space for anyone wishing to talk about mental health,” she said.

“Please come along, any Wednesday10am to 11am. The idea is to have a space where we can talk about any aspect of mental health; our own, someone else’s, or the way it is treated.

“A table will be set aside for us. We hope some people won’t be put off by it being in the grounds of a monastery. The monks are glad I am addressing some of these difficult and troubling needs. So they welcome everyone to the events, people of all faiths, and none.”

Jola will also be running a series of Christmas card-making sessions on Monday afternoons at Sunflowers, a Stroud based suicide support charity.

“If you have been bereaved by suicide, and are finding the preparations for Christmas difficult, please join me there,” she said. See: