The organisation Stroud for Europe have pledged their support to Labour candidate David Drew for the upcoming General Election.

Stroud for Europe is a politically independent group who aim to maintain the UK’s membership of the EU by way of a People’s Vote.

A spokesperson for the group said: "The candidate best qualified to defeat the Tory-Brexit candidate is David Drew.

"He has won four out of the last six elections in Stroud and is committed to a People's Vote and has signed the pledge to campaign for Remain.

"David Drew is a strong champion of the Green New Deal and has shown a lifetime’s commitment to protecting the environment."

The organisation were out on the Stroud high street at the weekend to discuss the issues with the residents.

Co-chair of Stroud for Europe, Andrew Niblett said: "We have so many good friends from different political parties, and some from none, but all share our passion to save our European citizenship."