Farmers' market news with Gerb Gerbrands.

Happy new year to all.

So a new year begins and I’m afraid the first market news of the year is rather sad as I have to announce that yet another small grower is going out of business.

We have all enjoyed being able to buy our mushrooms plastic free at the market every week from Forest Mushrooms but I received the rather distressing news two weeks before Christmas that due to complications arising from, you guessed it, Brexit, namely lack of labour and difficulty sourcing compost in the UK, they have decided to shut down. Tragic!

I believe that the facilities for production are still there so if anyone fancies giving it a try let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

Stroud farmers market hasn’t seen much of this yet but we lost two growers at Gloucester farmers’ market last year.

I have felt very grateful over the years that we have had the mushroom stall and it feels a tragedy to be losing them.

After last week’s smaller market we are getting back to normal, somewhat, this week.

Pippin are back amongst many others but the Billowing Loaf will still be standing in for the Artisan Baker.

The big exciting news is that it’s the marvellous Stroud Wassail festival this weekend so the atmosphere in town will be fantastic!

Stroud will be brought to life with wassail songs, colourful costumes, music, Morris dancing, and historic traditional characters.

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