MOONFLOWER clothing store in Stroud high street is setting up a new pre-loved clothing section encouraging people to sell their second hand clothes and mitigate the environmental cost of buying new clothes.

The owner of the women’s clothing store, Fiona Mills-Carlyon, is looking for clothing items ranging from all sizes that have been bought fairly recently or no longer than ten years ago.

She wants the second hand clothing to be in good condition and not too worn.

“The idea for a pre-loved clothing rail is to compensate for the high environmental cost of the fashion industry,”said Fiona.

“People can look through their wardrobes and consider bringing clothes into the store that, for whatever reason, they haven’t really worn.

“It could be an item they wore once to a wedding or at a certain occasion as long as it’s in keeping with the clothes we already sell.”

Fiona’s new venture will launch on Friday.

She said: “They can bring up to five clothing items, excluding underwear, and then I’ll keep them in the store for a couple of months, and then we’ll look at an agreed price, and if it sells within the first six weeks we’ll split the amount it makes 55%-45%.

“A lot of people buy things online and never wear them, and it’s going to cost them money to send the item back.

“There’s a million reasons why you wouldn’t need to use an item you have purchased, such as it doesn’t fit or you have decided you don’t like it.

“So if you buy something that has already had an environmental impact then you’re not creating a fresh negative impact on buying a new item.”

Fiona is looking for clothes that are seasonal for the spring and the summer.

People who are interested can call Fiona at the store, and can book an appointment at an agreed time on a Thursday.