A TAXI driver from Chalford made a heartwarming gesture to vulnerable residents in the area amid coronavirus fears.

Tracey Dyer posted on social media that she was offering free transport to collect prescriptions and pick up shopping.

She said that she was also happy to cook and deliver meals and drop in on anyone who was alone and would like a friendly chat and a cuppa made for them, all while adhering to safe distancing and hand washing guidelines.

It was Tracey’s own experience of adversity that made her decide to reach out to vulnerable members of the community at this time.

“Me and my husband used to run our own taxi company, but now it’s just me and my vehicle,” she said.

“Sadly, two and a half years ago my husband caught measles as he wasn’t vaccinated as a child.

“It has left him severely brain damaged to the point that he can’t walk, talk, or feed himself.

“As you can imagine the last two and a half years have been horrendous and extremely difficult.

“My husband is in a care home at present whilst the council try and find us a suitable property so I can care for him at home with the help of carers.

“The reason I decided to reach out to the community is because I know only too well what it’s like to feel isolated and alone and not knowing who or where to turn to for help.

“I also know the seriousness of what viruses and diseases can do to people, especially the vulnerable.

“I have not been able to visit my husband for fear of him being infected.

“I wanted to reach out to those who feel alone and are worried about day to day living.

“I have been inundated with calls from families worried about their elderly relatives.

“I now have a list of people I am checking on daily and the list is growing.

“It’s mainly food shopping that is being requested.

“I am having to source certain products from other areas due to panic buying.

“I would urge people to think before they buy.

“I visit an elderly lady who has dementia and lives alone and doesn’t quite understand why she can’t buy the food she wants.

“I was so upset to see her fridge and cupboards empty.

“I batch cooked some stew and some homemade bread to make sure she eats.

“This is just one case and I fear there are many others.

“I hope we can all come out the other side of this and learn some valuable lessons about the act of kindness and compassion.”