A COMPANY from Stroud has just sent off its first delivery of equipment to NHS Nightingale, London's temporary coronavirus hospital.

Platform-14, which is based on Bath Road, Stroud, is supplying radiation personal protection equipment (PPE) for NHS Nightingale, Britain’s first coronavirus field hospital.

It is one of around four hospitals being built around the UK to help the NHS deal with the onslaught of the pandemic.

Steve Dechan, managing director of Platform-14 said: "It's great to be able to do something to protect our health workers."

The company is supplying personal protection equipment for use during X-rays.

Mr Dechan, who is also a Stroud Town Councillor, said: "We supply the world's lightest of these, made from antimony and bismuth."

"Think of lead aprons, you may have seen radiographers wearing them if you have ever had an X-ray.

"We're providing up to 200 of these specialist garments.

"We have hadthe materials shipped from California and the garments made, colour coded and tested, all within five days of receiving the order.

"It's been a huge effort by our team.

"However that is nothing compared to the massive efforts of all the NHS Healthcare staff.

"We are just delighted to support and be able to protect them."

NHS Nightingale is currently being created at London's ExCeL centre and is expected to be operational by the end of the week.

Five hundred beds are already in place and there is space for another 3,500.