A Whiteshill and Rushcombe Parish councillor has paid tribute to the NHS by painting a bus stop in Whiteshill.

Cllr Karon Vizor-Beard and her husband Greg decided to paint the bus stop in Victory Road to pay tribute to the incredible work being carried out by NHS staff in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: "On our daily walk we thought we would create a little project to say thank you to the NHS and all the other people that are on the front line by doing a little something in our bus stop."

Cllr Vizor-Beard said she hopes the bus stop can also be used for people to give and take items for others.

She said: "We thought the bus stop could be used as a give and take helper for people during their daily walk or exercise.

"So if there is an item they could leave there for others then they could leave it at the bus stop, and some people have already offered items so that's great.

"We are also encouraging kids to add drawings to cheer people up.