Bin crew workers in the Stroud district have been subjected to racist abuse and put at risk by dangerous drivers in a spate of incidents in the last week.

In one incident a crew member was subject to racist abuse from a car driver while assisting a waste truck as it reversed down a street in Springfield Road, Hardwicke.

Two episodes took place where impatient car drivers mounted the pavement to get past recycling trucks rather than wait for a safe passing place in Woodcock Lane in Dursley and Bowbridge Lane in Stroud.

All three incidents have been recorded on CCTV mounted on the trucks and reported to the police.

Dan Jacecko, Operations Manager at Ubico said: “Whilst we appreciate that the collection of essential waste by our vehicles may cause a delay and can be frustrating at times, we are working very hard to deliver our collection services with minimum disruption to residents. We would ask that, on collection days in your area that you allow more time for your journey.

"We have received many compliments and letters of thanks, for which we are extremely grateful, but unfortunately there are a minority of people who have been abusing the staff and putting them in dangerous situations. We would ask that residents please respect our crews and acknowledge the essential role they play in the community.

"Please keep our crews safe and cheer them up with a smile instead.”

In contrast to the abuse, the crews have received thanks from many residents, who appreciate their efforts as key workers.

Bins and recycling boxes have been decorated with home-made `thank you’ posters, and presents of canned drinks and chocolate have been left out on collection day.

However, crews are finding it increasingly difficult to access some residential areas because extra vehicles are parked, as more people are spending time at home.

Councillor Mattie Ross, chair of Stroud District Council’s Community Services & Licensing Committee said: “It is appalling that a small number of people have chosen to abuse our hard working bin crew.

“Fortunately the vast majority of people appreciate their hard work, and I’d like to thank them for making an effort to keep the service running as normal.

"Everyone can play a part by not presenting more waste than usual, by recycling as much as you can, and not dumping items at textile banks which aren’t being emptied at present.

"If your waste or recycling hasn’t been collected check the Stroud District Council website for updates before reporting it.

There is more information about waste and recycling, including how to present your waste if you, or someone in your household has had Coronavirus here ”

The two incidents involving dangerous drivers have been dealt with and resolved by the Police. If anyone has any information about the racist incident, please contact the Police on 101 quoting incident number 62 of April 14.