A team of volunteers are caring for vulnerable people in Nailsworth during the coronavirus lockdown through the Town Council’s community support helpline.

The helpline was created just before the lockdown, and like many grass roots groups across the UK, it’s helping the most vulnerable people in the town to get their prescriptions and shopping.

Within days of going live the helpline received over 100 calls.

Residents needing help are linked with volunteers by Town Council staff working from their homes.

Volunteers have been linked to someone who needs help with food shopping or dog walking, and some have created new friendships by offering to call people regularly and check on them.

The youngest volunteer helping residents is also just 14-years-old.

Many volunteers have gone out of their way to help people by supporting them in additional ways, from sourcing specific items for people with various dietary requirements, to extending their offer of help to additional family members.

Four weeks later and the helpline has had over 325 calls and has registered around 140 volunteers.

The helpline has received calls from people as far away as the North of Scotland, hoping to receive help for their relatives in Nailsworth.

Katherine Kearns, Nailsworth Town Clerk said:“As the country was gearing up for lockdown, town and parish councils were working round the clock to set up grass roots support for people in their homes.

"There has never been a time when parishes have been more needed and more useful. This is what we are for.”

Te helpline is an additional service and does not replace existing emergency and social services.