A 10-year-old from Stroud will be walking 10 miles around his garden tomorrow in a bid to raise much needed funds for Stroud District Foodbank.

Theo Crownshaw was Inspired by the fundraising efforts and extraordinary physical challenge achieved by Captain Tom Moore.

He has mapped out a 150-lap route around the perimeter of his garden in Slad.

The youngster has set out to raise £200 to support Stroud Foodbank, who, as with many food banks across the UK, have struggled to maintain their crucial service since the lockdown began.

So far he has raised over £600 and is now exited at the potential to raise even more to support this important service in the community.

Theo said:“I want to support the food bank gather more food so that people who can’t afford meals can access them.

"It would be wonderful to be able to give the food bank lots of money so that they could get more food for people who need it most during these hard times”.

Stroud Foodbank are aware of Theo’s fundraising challenge, saying: “It is a wonderful idea and thank you Theo for thinking of our clients."

To donate, visit bit.ly/36iPmfo