A mother has said she is extremely relieved after her son who was stranded in Panama for more than three months finally returned home.

Frances Clark-Stone’s son Jem, 22, joined his girlfriend Rosanna Marini in the North American country on Valentine’s Day this year where they were volunteering at the Tribal Gathering festival which was held near to an exotic jungle.

After the festival finished, police detained the couple and told them to go home due to the coronavirus lockdown but they were unable to get return flights.

The couple managed to find an Airbnb about an hour outside of Panama City where they had since been staying and living under strict lockdown rules.

Jem and Rosanna had flights booked for May 5 but the authorities declared a state of emergency and the airports were closed for 30 days.

Frances issued a desperate plea last month to get her son and his girlfriend home, and they finally arrived back in England on Tuesday, June 2.

The couple were able to finally return home after they got on a humanitarian flight to Mexico where they stayed until their original airline flew them home.