Rodborough Parish Council voted to pursue extending its Quiet Lane Scheme to all the Common roads within the cattle-gridded area in its parish.

Large bike symbols will be added onto these roads to show they’re especially used by cyclists.

The Quiet Lane Scheme requires drivers to be aware that with no pavements, there are likely to be pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists sharing the lanes. The original network of Quiet Lanes have mandatory 20mph limits and have become a haven for vulnerable road users who use them extensively.

The proposed new roads include Bear Hill, Rodborough Hill and Butterrow Hill (up to where they converge near the Bear of Rodborough), as well as the lane known as Mount Vernon and Tabernacle Walk, both of which it is intended should become part of the 20mph zone.

Alick Miskin, chairman of the Planning and Transport Committee, said: “We see this as very important way of encouraging and supporting residents who are thinking that now is the time to be getting back in the saddle but who find our busy rural roads highly intimidating."