Hundreds of empty children’s shoes were placed in front of Stroud’s Subscription Rooms as part of Extinction Rebellion’s Gloucestershire wide touring installation ‘Empty Shoes’. 

The event took place on Friday, and tiny shoes were laid out under the banners   ‘Climate Crisis  - We want to Live’.

Extinction Rebellion said the empty shoes symbolise the seriousness of the climate crisis.

Sarah Lunnon, ex Green Party councillor of Gloucestershire County Council and Stroud District Council said: “The empty shoes outside of the Stroud Subscription Rooms paint a picture of our future if we don’t change.

“If we want it to be a future in which children’s shoes are used and worn out rather than becoming memories of loss we need radical transformational action not a return to business as usual.”

This county-wide action is part of Extinction Rebellion’s preparation for the next rebellion beginning on September 1, when Parliament returns.

A spokesman for XR said: “The Government’s own Committee on Climate Change are now warning them to prepare for 4°C of warming which is a truly frightening prospect.

“It is important that as we move out of lockdown rather than bailing out  carbon intensive industries that we move towards sustainable green industry if we have any chance of averting  the worst results of rising temperatures."