Seldom have I been more astonished by a letter! Richard Jenkins compared Extinction Rebellion with the Nazis! Nationalistic racists, happy to murder those who stood in the way of their aim to achieve world domination, and who directed the frustrations of those who had lost a World War, and the economic catastrophe that followed, at fellow citizens who happened to be Jewish, have absolutely nothing in common, in fact, are the polar opposite of those desperate to alert politicians to a looming global catastrophe that will hurt the weakest nations first, and then each and every one of us. I understand a third of Bangladesh is currently underwater!

Could those unable to read their regular paper not have got their news-fix from the radio or TV for just one day? And should the Suffragettes, who in a noble cause disrupted the mail, a far more personal attack than stopping a paper from being delivered, also be regarded as proto-Nazis? Obviously not, yet a century ago there were some, mainly men, who dismissed these women as ‘disgusting vile little creatures'.

As for slur that Extinction Rebellion activists are necessarily living on benefits, those that I know come mainly, as one might expect, from the Caring and Teaching professions. Perhaps Mr Jenkins is a climate-change denier? It would be interesting to know. I presume he’s not a Holocaust-denier too? If he isn’t, then surely he can understand how absurd it is to compare those who love this planet, and its countless endangered life-forms, with the Nazis, who perpetrated perhaps the greatest war-crime in history?

Anthony Hentschel