A RUNNER has warned of a length of barbed wire strung across a woodland path in Uley.

Lewis Quigley discovered the wire strung between trees when he was out running on Sunday morning.

Mr Quigley got caught on the barbed wire and has had to have stitches in his leg because of it.

"I’m 6ft 3 and the barbed wire hit my waist height and I was sprinting so did not see it at all," he said.

"It impaled into my stomach and I had to pull the spikes out on the floor."

Mr Quigley has since been back and taken the wire down, but is concerned that whoever put it there may do it again.

"So many people use those woods - dog walkers, horse riders, children," he said.

"Anything could happen to anyone, all because of someone’s twisted idea of fun.

"If you know anyone who uses those woods please tell them to be cautious.

"Even thought it’s removed, someone obviously thinks it’s funny and may do it again."

The woodland is connected to Dursley woods but is at the Uley end.