A man has criticised the Subscription Rooms in Stroud for failing to put up a union Flag on Armistice Day.

In a letter sent to the SNJ yesterday, Stroud resident Alex Faith said:

What is going on with the flag atop The Subscription Rooms?

Today is Remembrance Day, commemorating the agreement to end the First World War on 11:00 a.m. on November 11, 1918.

There is no Union Jack flying above The Subscription Rooms. Instead there is a flag advertising a company that sells trinkets and a certain image of Stroud to tourists and recent arrivals to the town.

Even this ridiculous 'flag' has not been at half mast today to show respect to the fallen.

The Subscription Rooms appears to give it's forecourt and spaces to any passing fad "protest movement", whatever it's relevance (or

irrelevance) to the town, so it is a disgrace that they have not seen it fit to honour the fallen who gave their lives so that we could enjoy our freedom for even this one day of national importance.

In response, Hugh Phillimore, Subscription Rooms chairman, said: "We would like to sincerely apologise for not flying the Union Flag over The Sub Rooms on Remembrance Day this year.

"Although the majority of our team have been furloughed in order to safeguard the future of the building, we understand that the town, and its visitors look to The Subs as a centre point to commemorate important events in our history.

"Indeed over the hundreds of years that this building has stood in the heart of Stroud it has hosted many military, commemorative and Remembrance events - which usually include services, gatherings and military bands where appropriate.

"Although we believe that this oversight was undoubtedly down to staffing, and the current pandemic, our usual Remembrance activities have not gone ahead as scheduled - we believe that this utterly inexcusable and we would like to reassure people that our respect for those who have given their lives, and our position as a pubic space for community activities to take place has not changed.

"With regards our protocols for activities on the forecourt our permission procedures and guidelines remain unaltered - we hope that members of our community will continue to use the space to gather, discuss and debate. Anyone who has concerns about any activities on the forecourt should contact us at The Subs on 01453 796880 - we'll be happy to help."