REDUNDANCIES have been announced at a Stonehouse car part manufacturer, but there will not be as many job losses as originally thought, an employer has said.

The former Delphi Technologies facility in Stonehouse became part of American company BorgWarner on October 1, 2020.

A source at the company, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the SNJ that following the sale, 93 redundancies were announced.

A spokeswoman for BorgWarner said that although 93 job losses had originally been announced, the figure had since been reduced.

However, it was not disclosed precisely how many redundancies there were at the Stonehouse facility.

She added that the redundancies had been made due to a fall in revenue, partly because of reduced car sales globally.

She said: "The auto industry as a whole is under tremendous pressure due to a number of global factors including reduced sales, regulatory changes and competitive and customer pricing pressures.

"The former Delphi Technologies facility in Stonehouse, UK, which became part of BorgWarner on October 1, 2020, has been making market-driven adjustments in order to right-size its cost structure and to regain competitiveness.

"The restructuring activities are in line with UK legal requirements and have followed a thorough consultation period with employees and their representatives.

"Through consultation the number of jobs affected has been mitigated downward below the 93 initially identified.

"The vast majority of these have taken place through voluntary means, with the remainder taking affect during the first half of 2021."