Readers of the Sunday Times have waded in with their thoughts on the recent announcement that Stroud has been named the best place to live in Britain.

The paper compiled a list of the 78 locations, with Stroud taking the top spot in the survey which was based on factors including schools, transport, culture, health of the high street and community spirit.

Comments on the paper’s website showed a range of opinions – some readers said the description of Stroud given by the paper was not entirely accurate in their opinion while others said topping the poll was a well deserved win.

Lots of commentators said it was actually the surrounding towns and villages that made Stroud such a wonderful location.

Here are a selection of comments.

“No one chooses to live in Stroud, given a choice. It’s all about the surrounding villages - naturally up in the hills above. A metaphorical and geological depiction of the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

“Compared to Cirencester, Stroud is more bohemian (that is run down and scruffy) and still feels 'hippy' (that is dogs on a string and flares). Sorry but on every count I can think of Cirencester wins hands down.”

“Cheltenham is just up the road with better restaurants and a pretty decent cultural life, plus equally good countryside access and schools. Stroud is fine for superannuated hippies, but.....

“In that part of the world I'd rather go Cheltenham (bigger, pretty, culture) or Nailsworth (smaller, similar vibe to Stroud but without the rough edges).”

“Any readers who flee London for the glories of the Cotswolds on the basis of this article are going to sue the ST for misrepresentation. Stroud is an absolute dump - think Yeovil or Bridgwater, not Chipping Campden or Stow-on-the-Wold.”

Two readers commented on protesters in the town.

“Extinction Rebellion was founded here That's probably a good reason to never ever go there.”

“I think Extinction Rebellion was founded in that other great repository of sandal wearing, vegan beardies.”

But others backed the win saying what a glorious place Stroud is:

“Well done Stroud! It's not a chocolate box Cotswolds town (thankfully), relying on tourism and rich people to survive. It's a real town surrounded by beautiful countryside. An eclectic mix of people and ideas make it an interesting place to live.”

“One good thing about Stroud is that it has a lot of independent shops and eateries which seem to survive despite everything stacked against them. !t's a pretty wholesome place which probably has a bit of everything for everyone”

“The butcher's in Merrywalks is fabulous! Everything free-range and local and 40 day aged beef at supermarket prices. The best thing which has happened to Stroud in 30 years!”

“More characterful and interesting than other areas of the Cotswolds.

"Painswick, Slad, Box, Chalford, Nailsworth, Minchinhampton and more...all lovely and full of delight.”

Others mentioned the healthcare services in Stroud namely the maternity unit where Zara Phillips gave birth to one of her children:

“There is an amazing and pioneering maternity unit in Stroud, with a fabulous homebirth service - the envy of many up and down the country. Stroud midwives are legendary, in or out of a pandemic.”

Overall one commentator summed up Stroud in five words:

"They're very Stroudie in Stroud"