Stroud Brewery is to open a takeaway kiosk on the canal path as part of its relaunch when lockdown restrictions ease next week.

The kiosk will serve tea, coffee, ice cream, sausage rolls, sandwiches and soups to people passing by, perhaps enticing them into the pubs newly refurbished outdoor seating area.

Owner Greg Pilley and his team have been fitting the beer garden with Covid-safe booths ready for Monday, when six people will be allowed to sit outdoors at hospitality venues.

“We’re now feeling far more buoyant than we ever have done in the last few months,” said Mr Pilley.

“It’s nice to see the potential to do some trade, not just for our own bar of course – the other half of our business is selling to other pubs – so all of that is going to see some activity.”

The majority of outdoor seating will be open to bookings, which Mr Pilley advised customers to take advantage of before they’re snapped up.

The balcony will be reserved for walk-ins, including those the new kiosk tempts off the canal path.

“We’re fairly confident that people will patronize ourselves and other pubs as much as they’re able to, as long as law and policy allows them to.

“The question really is, is that enough?”

Inside seating is out of bounds until May 17 at the earliest, so until then Stroud Brewery will only be using 50 seats of its 500 capacity venue.

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud Brewery last year // George WithingtonStroud Brewery last year // George Withington

“We’re opening at half-speed but with full overheads, so it is going to be a tough time. On the other hand it is great to see some activity and there’s some normality in sight,” Mr Pilley said.

Stroud Brewery will officially reopen on Thursday, April 15 at 3pm.

It will stay open until 11pm on Thursdays, open between 10am and 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and between 10am and 5pm on Sundays.