Severn Trent Water have issued a warning across the Stroud District.

The supplier is struggling to keep up with demand in the hot weather, asking residents to stop using hoses, sprinklers and jet washers.

According to messages Severn Trent have sent to customers, they are advising people to advising reduce their water usage ‘for the next few days.’ A Severn Trent spokesperson said: “Our reservoirs remain in a healthy position and while we have plenty of water available, the challenge is treating and pumping it out fast enough to meet demand due to the current heatwave.

“It takes around 12 hours to treat and pump water out to customers and as water demand increases we’re struggling to get it through our treatment works and into pipes fast enough to keep up with the rate that it’s being used.

“To make sure that there’s plenty of water for everyone, we’re asking customers to be mindful of their water use and reduce non-essential usage where possible.

“A few simple changes such as using a watering can instead of the garden hose to water plants, covering the paddling pool with a sheet so you can use it again the next day and avoid washing the car until the heatwave passes will all add up to make a big difference.”

There are currently no supply issues or problems in the area, but there is a day on day increase in demand.

Texts received by customers read this morning: “Good afternoon, it’s Severn Trent. We need your help today! As the heatwave continues, we’re seeing some really high water usage in your area.

“We’re asking everyone to play their part by reducing the amount of water they use for the next few days.

“If you could refrain from using sprinklers and jet washers and use a watering can instead of a hose, it will really help.

“By making a few simple changes, you can help make sure everyone gets the water they need. Thanks so much for your help, Severn Trent.”