Calls for a former Tory councillor to return millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money have been made by Labour councillors after new revelations over a PPE contract came to light.

Stroud District Council Labour group leader Doina Cornell has called on Steve Dechan, whose company Platform 14, based in Bath Road, Stroud, received a £120m contract to supply face shields during the pandemic, to return the money.

This comes after further revelations over the contract were reported by the Sunday Times over the weekend.

Mr Dechan has said in the past that he gained the contract on merit and his company has been proud to support the NHS for the last eight years.

Now, Cllr Cornell has called on MP Siobhan Baillie to instigate a government investigation into how the former town councillor received the contract to supply the visors.

Cllr Cornell said: “Our council has high standards when it comes to procurement and contracts, even at the height of the pandemic.

“We’d expect central government to have the same care for public funds.

“On behalf of local citizens, we call on Stroud’s MP to join us in standing up for transparency and honesty in awarding government contracts. Taxpayers expect value for money, not to be treated like fools.”

Last year, Mr Dechan stood down from Stroud Town Council due to an increase in work commitments.

Last November Mr Dechan told the SNJ that his company had not been given any help in getting the contract.

“We had no VIP or fast track. No help,” he claimed.

“It was done on merit, great price, great PPE delivered in amazing time.

“How many front line workers did we protect? Answer: hundreds of thousands."

Mr Dechan has been approached for further comment.