OUR Trader of the Week this week is Peter Elms of the Party On Up Halloween shop on Threadneedle Street in Stroud.

If it is fake blood you are after or a scary mask for a Halloween party then you won’t go far wrong by visiting Peter at the Party On Up Halloween shop.

“We do all sorts of blood - we have thick blood, gel blood, blood for splatters or runny blood and even black zombie blood.

“Blood and white face paint are our most popular items to sell.”

Along with the different types of blood there are costumes with everything from Freddy Krueger from a Nightmare on Elm Street to Walter White from hit TV show Breaking Bad.

Halloween has been becoming increasingly more popular in recent years as the UK catches Halloween fever from the United States.

The specialist Halloween shop was born when the Party On Up shop moved to new premises on London Road and Peter saw an opportunity to focus on Halloween.

The store has been going since 2017 and the pop up Halloween store opens all throughout September until the end of October.

You can still get all the gory items all year round from the Party On Up shop on London Road where Peter sells all sorts of party related paraphernalia from fancy dress to make up and cakes and balloons..

“Our biggest customers are from 20 to 40 years old but we have all ages who come in.

“I have had a request for a full skeleton but everything is a bit weird that we sell.”

Items are bought from Smiffys - one of the largest toy wholesalers in the UK and displayed wonderfully in the Threadneedle Street store which is above the Confection Affection shop.

“Stroud is different to other places,” said Peter.

“We find people here want to create their own individual, different costumes.”