RECENTLY referred to as “The Best Place to Live in the UK”, Stroud is home to an astounding number of artists, makers and producers.

In her new book, Artisan Stroud, published by The History Press, Stroud Farmers’ Market founder and Made in Stroud shop owner Clare Honeyfield takes us on a tour some of the studios, workshops and garden sheds of the Five Valleys.

Here we meet some of the printers, designers, mosaic artists, tailors and makers of the area, hear more about their craft and learn what brought them to this beautiful part of the world, what inspires them and how they fit their lives around being a creative person.

What comes across is not only the rich seam of talent running through these valleys, but the steadfast approach which has helped these makers to overcome the obstacles life has thrown at them, and the way they have found success in doing what they love.

"From making jewellery and clothing, to teaching drum making and building horse drawn waggons, each of these wonderful characters reveals a little more of their private world to us," said Clare.

"In a time when we are all wanting to slow down, consume more consciously, shop more locally and support local businesses, it’s great to get the opportunity to glimpse into the world of these rather shy and retiring people who are quietly weaving an unexpected revolution in our community, allowing us to buy quality hand made and ethical gifts, homewares and fashion."

The hard back book is lavishly illustrated with photographs and gives a real insight into the secret world of Stroud.

The book is being published on November 1, and will be available from Made in Stroud and other outlets.