A former resident in Stroud has sent the SNJ 18 pictures of the Super Typhoon in the Philippines.

The typhoon - which ocurred in December - was believed to be the third worst to have ever hit the country due to the amount of damage it caused.

Simon and Angie Briggs, who met in Stroud, told the SNJ about their scary experience of the super typhoon.

The images we were sent were of the couple, the effects of the Typhoon, the area where they live and of their fundraising efforts.

“The Super Typhoon was petrifying,” said Angie Briggs.

“However, we were lucky, we live in a light-strong brick house, and only lost part of our guttering.

“What the locals went through in their small make-shift house is unimaginable.

“The fear they must have felt, feeling the full force of mother nature surrounding them in such a deafening way is something I hope I never comprehend."

It has been nearly four weeks since the event and the married couple are now raising money to deal with its aftermath.

There is still no electricity in their house or neighbouring villages – this means no running water and no sanitation.

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