THIS afternoon you can get a booster jab in Stroud without waiting for an appointment. 

There is walk-in session at Beeches Green Health Centre, taking place between 4pm and 8pm. 

This is for booster jabs, as well as for first and second doses. 

Those eligible include: 

Anyone over 18 in need of a booster who must be at least three months following the second dose. 

Also anyone aged 16/17 (second doses can only be given 12 weeks after the first) or over 18s for first or second doses of Pfizer (second doses can only be given from 8 weeks after the first).

First or second doses for 12-15 year olds - must be accompanied by a parent.  

Second doses must be at least 12 weeks after the first.

Children must be 12 weeks clear of a positive COVID test to get a vaccine