Here is a selection of animals from the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home (CDCH) looking for new homes.

If you think you’re able to rehome one, you can find more details on the website.

You can apply to adopt an animal via an online Perfect Match application form.

You can also support the centre by donating via the website’s support page.

Moose – Dog

Stroud News and Journal: Moose (CDCH)Moose (CDCH)

Gender – Male

Age – 7 years (approx.)

Breed – American Bulldog x

Colour – White

Can live with – Moose is recovering from health issues and he is looking for a quiet foster home while he continues his treatment and recovery. He needs a quiet home to recover and could live with older children. Moose would like to be the only pet in the household and he needs to have someone with him most of the time.  

If you think you could give Moose the foster home he’s looking for, you can find out more about him via the CDCH website.

Disney and Jess – Cats

Stroud News and Journal: Disney and Jess (CDCH/Canva)Disney and Jess (CDCH/Canva)

Gender – Both female

Age – Both 3 years old

Breed – Both Domestic Shorthair

Colour – Both Tortie

Can live with – Disney and Jess need to be the only pets in their new home and they’d be best suited to live with teenagers and above. They are looking for a home where they are away from busy roads in a rural area and they’d like their home to be quiet.

If Disney and Jess seem like the perfect furry companions for you, visit the CDCH website to find out more about them. 

Kenny - Dog

Stroud News and Journal: Kenny (CDCH)Kenny (CDCH)

Gender - Male

Age – 9 months old

Breed – Lurcher

Colour – White and tan

Can live with – Kenny can live with teenagers and above. He could live with a younger dog and he needs his new owner to be around for most of the day.

If you’d like to find out more about Kenny, you can visit the CDCH website.