Earlier today, we brought you the news that KFC had plans to open a drive through in Stroud. 

Whilst Stroud has been listed on as one of the 500 target locations, nothing further has been set in stone. 

KFC are looking for more than 500 sites across the UK and Ireland, with proposals to open new drive-throughs and restaurants, along with smaller stores (1,000 square foot) and travel hubs (based at service stations, airports, and shopping centres).

However, fans of KFC in Stroud may have to wait a while longer. 

A KFC spokesperson said: “Sorry KFC fans of Stroud, we hate to disappoint, but this list is only speculative – no current plans to open a new restaurant in your area. 

"But as the list proves, we’re always on the lookout for new sites so who knows what the future holds!”