THE 'singing blokes of Ashton Keynes' return to Stroud for their rescheduled concert.

The Magnificent AKs will be performing at the Lansdown Hall on February 25 from 7.30pm.

Founded in Ashton Keynes in 2008, and the AKs are a singing group of 40 men.

Inspired by Georgian harmonies and attracted to the musically irreverent and absurd, the group have been described as 'capable of lowering the tone and raising a laugh simultaneously in any setting'.

A group spokesman said: "We sing right across, despite and beyond, the musical spectrum from serious Georgian choral pieces, through the odd Wagnerian operatic piece, to less intellectual stuff employing hats and related costumery.

"Our performances are entirely suitable for all the family. Having said which, some of our repertoire is sung in Georgian and Old German and we're not at all sure what the words mean. Any offence given to Georgians or Old Germans is entirely unintentional."

Tickets for the concert are available via: