Can anyone explain to me why if you are over 71 you are required to go to Cheltenham for routine breast screening while we have a mobile screening unit at the Vale .

A large number of people over that age group have no means of getting to Cheltenham and would need to either find someone to take them or order a taxi.

A return trip of about 50 miles when the Vale could be a 5 minute walk away or a friend/neighbour happy to take them .

It is highly likely that the under 71 s are able to access Cheltenham more easily or already work in that direction anyway.

I was told I had to go to Cheltenham when I first tried to book but when I refused to go to Cheltenham as I had no means of getting there I was then offered a time at the Vale for almost the next day and within 10/15 minutes I had had my screening and was on my way back home.

Joan Young Dursley over 71