Two men claim they have caught some bizarre phenomenon on camera in the UK's 'most haunted Inn' which is based in Wotton-Under-Edge.

Ghost hunter, Tony Ferguson, and his friend claim they have caught a number of paranormal activities on CCTV at the ancient Ram Inn.

The pair say they left their CCTV equipment in certain locations around the site and they caught a 'very bizarre shadow moving at an incredible speed by the fire place.' They say this correlates with previous reports of a figure being seen in the same spot.

The men also say they caught a 'strange orb' in the witches room that 'moves in a very strange manner. '

They say the word 'Dginn' which apparently in Arabic means 'demon' can be heard at around twelve seconds in to a 6 minute video they have posted to social media site Tik Tok.

Apparently their device has a way of communicating with the afterlife.

At the 24 second mark in the video the team say a 'spiritual' orb can be seen.

Tony who was leading the group said: "At one point felt I was being strangled almost like someone had put a rope around my neck.

"I also heard a cat meow in the same room as us. There is reports that a cat was found dead within the property and it belonged to the witch and many people that visit the location claim to hear the cat just like i did and luckily what i heard came out on camera."

The team did some 'calling out' in the bishops room and say they noticed the room went very dark.

"What was was even more bizarre is a male disembodied voice can be heard saying f*** you, yet we were the only males on location and we both heard it and it came out on camera.

The team claim they also communicated with a witch and then a ghostly mist came towards them.

A link to the video can be found here