A MOTHER-of-four has expressed her gratitude to the emergency services after their 'brilliant help' following a crash which left her in shock.

Rachel Cawthorn, an assistant social worker at a children’s home, was left in shock after the collision in Dudbridge Hill, Stroud last week.

A 24-year-old woman from King’s Stanley was arrested at the scene after she was found to be nearly twice the drink drive limit.

According to police, her vehicle hit the rear of Ms Cawthorn's vehicle.

Ms Cawthorn is now warning motorists about the dangers of alcohol and backing the police message.

“Doing drugs or drinking alcohol impairs your cognitive function and slows down your responses whether you feel drunk or not," said Ms Cawthorn, from Cashes Green.

"It is not worth the risk hurting others as well as yourself.

"I am just so thankful my children were not in the car.

"I was lucky I got to go home and hug my children, all for the sake of someone’s 'fun'.

"I hope this is a reminder for anyone reading not to take any substances or drink alcohol.

“I am feeling okay now, though I wasn’t last week.

“While I didn't get any serious injuries, it did take me a few days to recover from the shock.

“I have to say that the police’s response to the incident was brilliant.

“They were so quick to arrive to the scene after I called 999.

“The police were fantastic with everything – from the way they handled the response to helping me with my insurance.

“After the impact of the shock, I was a bit confused and the police were very patient with me.

“I was also surprised with how many officers turned up.

“They helped me ring my husband who told my children about the incident.

“Even the following day, when I returned to my vehicle, two police community support officers - who were assisting with roadworks - were able to help me empty it.

“I just don’t think the police get enough praise.

“They are both human and professional – they do such a good job.

“I am very grateful for all their help and so are my children.”