Sir if you would allow me to reply to Hannah Boss objections to my leaving the black boy clock in it's current position answering her objections to it's present site in the town's geography thus furthering the debate.

Point one incidentally the present position is in fact it's third position in the town.

Point two the only offence were non is intended, if I may quote George Orwell,1984 every book rewritten every picture has been repainted every statue and street renamed.

Secondly racist is a slippery word too readily used to cloud the debate.

Thirdly I feel that English colonialism achieved more good than harm as witnessed by the number of ex citizens of the Empire or commonwealth as it has now become, beating a path to our shores risking life and limb to do so. I am at a loss to how my objections to the proposals can be interpreted as gas lighting.

Lastly no mention as to the root of Slavery! is it embarrassment or ignorance that clouds reality and the truth?

I rest my pen.

Francis Ray (Stroud)