STROUD district council leader Doina Cornell has taken to social media to refute claims that she is ‘anti-Semitic.’

This comes as an article in the Huffington Post claimed that the decision 'followed concerns about social media posts she had made in the past.'


Founder of left-wing site Novara Media Aaron Bastani was quick to defend the SDC leader on social media. 

"This is really grim given Doina Cornell gave a speech on Holocaust Memorial Day this year," he wrote. 

"If you try and participate in local politics within Labour, and the machine opposes you, it sinks to the most disgusting depths."

Ms Cornell had already given a statement yesterday, blasting the Labour Party after not being selected to fight for Stroud seat. 
Stroud News and Journal: Doina Cornell refutes a claim that she is anti-Semitic Doina Cornell refutes a claim that she is anti-Semitic

Doina Cornell's statement on anti-Semitism

In a further statement on social media to deny accusations of anti-Semitism Ms Cornell said today: "Over the last few days I have been overwhelmed by the kind and supportive messages I have received both voters in the constituency and local party members. 

"This is following the decision by Labour Party officials to exclude me from consideration to be the next Labour Parliamentary candidate for Stroud. 

"Since the Labour Party prohibited me from standing there's been considerable speculation on the reasons why they took that decision. 

"To date the Party have declined to give me any specific reasons. 

"In the factual void created by the Labour Party there has been some speculation the reason behind the Labour Party's decision was that I had posted anti-Semitic comments. 

"I have Jewish heritage and family members who were murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz. 

"I categorically deny that I have ever posted offensive anti-Semitic or racist comments. 

"If the Labour Party has any evidence to suggest otherwise they should publish it."

A Labour spokesperson said: “Voters deserve the best representatives for their communities in parliament, and with Keir Starmer’s leadership Labour expects our prospective MPs to uphold the highest of standards.”