By Gerb Gerbrands


WELL, here it comes folks, THE BIG ONE! But before I get onto that remember that we are back with another full-on farmers’ market on Christmas Eve, which will also be the day for collection of pre orders. No need to over-do the shopping this week! Also, please don’t forget we have 3 days of Christmas gift markets in the Cornhill Square on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week, 9-4, with the usual excellent mix of crafts, gifts and foods and a full-on market café every day.

Despite Christmas Eve being the last Saturday this year, the 3rd December Saturday is usually the busiest market for us in terms of stalls. During December we give some special treatment to some local stalls, for example, Godsell’s cheese, Woodchester Vineyard, so they can come every week in December and make the most of the trade. As we are generally full anyway, this leads to a situation where the 3rd Saturday in December is beyond full. Witness some clever ploys to fit stalls in where you wouldn’t think possible, stall sharing and any other available means to fit everyone in!

All the regular stalls will be at the Christmas Eve market, but here are a few who won’t be; Bow in the Cloud Vineyard, Enlightened Earth CBD, CandleCo, Daphne and Margot handmade children’s clothes, Humble Crumb Cookies, In a Spin knitwear, Jonathan Crump Cheeses, VQ Country Wines, The Welshcake Lady, Sibling Distillery, My Pastalicious, The Fresh Standard Brewery and The Garlic Farm.