NORMALITY resumes this week to a larger extent with only one or two usual regulars not back.

Lunch eaters will be pleased to see Niang’s Thai Snacks and Funky Falafel returning, no doubt, although I have received a great number of rave reviews about the Lhamos Momo stall who gallantly stood in while the space was available. Many people have asked if they can come regularly but, unfortunately, we just don’t have an available space with (or without!) electricity available to offer them a permanent pitch. Look out for them during the year though because I’m sure they will be around from time to time.

I’m glad to see the cheeses returning en masse this week, with Godsell’s, Jonathan Crump and Village Maid all back, I’ve eaten the cheesy bit of my fridge bare! I have to admit to several evenings of cheese, biscuits, olives etc over the festive period and must say we had a heavenly selection, all from the farmers’ market apart from the piece of Gran Padano I bought in the Shambles.

It’s been a slow start to the year for most stallholders as the last 2 Saturdays have been the worst weather we’ve had for some time. Being outdoors, the weather is one of those things you can’t control though and we’ve learnt over the years that there’s no point moaning, because, given the choice, we’d all prefer to be outdoors, taking the weather as it comes and enjoying the unpredictability of it all.