Stroud Climate Café meets on Tuesday February 7 and the first Tuesday evening of every month, from 7.30-9.00pm in the back room at the Ale House on John Street.

Climate cafes have been running in many towns and cities for several years. It’s a listening and sharing space to help us in the process of understanding what the climate crisis means to us. It’s a welcoming and accepting space for everyone’s attitudes and experiences – whether you’re trying not to think about the issue, or are doubtful about the seriousness of it; or are trying to do what you can locally or through activism.

It isn’t a debating place, about what the ‘correct’ response is – we’re all different and have our own needs and capacities. It’s not about finding solutions, although we may share things we’ve found useful.

It isn’t a directed conversation, but it is a safe space to share. Like a café there is cake if you want it, but it is a meeting that starts at 7.30 and finishes at 9.00, rather than a drop-in.

It’s been running since November and people have found it very useful and left feeling lighter and supported. As one person said “I’m reminded that I’m not on my own with this.” Each time the conversations have been quite different and the mood has varied from grief to laughter.

We welcome new people, whether you come once or end up coming regularly. There is no charge, although donations to help with the small cost of hiring the room are appreciated. For further information, phone Bill on 07932 623672.