In last week’s article announcing Nat West bank closure, the company says that “in 2021 just over 75 percent of customers using the branch also chose to use online banking…”

How, I ask, was this choice presented to them? Almost each time I went into the branch in recent years it has been suggested to me to do online banking. I have refused by choice, asserting my preference to see a real person and that “if I (we) choose online banking your branch will eventually close”. Was I right?

I am so angry that the branch itself led the way to its own demise. While they exit the town, they add another bolt to the coffin of Stroud losing helping service.

Bye the way I am not one of the ‘forgotten ones’ – I do use the internet, daily use my computer, but I choose to speak to a human rather than a machine whenever I can… it does wonders for my well being. I have chosen to avoid online fraud, and would really rather have personal attention when dealing with difficult matters.

Jola Malin

Stroud resident