A SOCIAL media page has been launched to track an adventurous Stroud cat. 

IF you frequent Stroud town centre, there’s a chance you’ve crossed paths with a minor celebrity who goes by the name of Peaches - not the daughter of Bob Geldof, but a mischievous moggie capturing the hearts of many residents.

The furry free-spirit lives near the Police station in but embarks on paw-some adventures far from home. 

She’s gone as far as Victory Park in Cashes Green, has nearly boarded a train, will often follow people home and isn’t shy to enter a neighbour’s house, so her owner, Sienna, needed a way to keep tabs on her.

Stroud News and Journal:

She created a Facebook group called ‘Peaches Patrol’ and encourages followers to share pictures of the pesky pussycat so she knows her whereabouts.

The group has nearly 600 people who give daily updates of Peaches’ travels.

Sienna, who owns Peaches with her mum, said: “Peaches is the best pet ever and I love seeing her adventures on Peaches Patrol.

"I love her!”

On creating the group, Sienna said: "I've made this group so that you can help me keep tabs on her.

"She absolutely loves an adventure and is frequently 'missing' for days at a time.

"Peaches often visits offices, coffee bars, the train station and shops in town.

"She also has a tendency to wander far from home.

"If you see her about please post a picture or video with her location.

"I'm hoping this will enable me to keep tabs on her and know she's safe." 

The easy-going explorer has been pictured at Parkers Estate Agents, The Lord John, Superdrug, Emmaus, The Door, McDonalds, Ecotricity, Rowcroft Surgery and Ducklings since the turn of the year, so she’s bound to get up to more cat-tastic adventures in the coming months.

For anyone who spots the four-legged feline far away from home, there are details on her collar so the owner can be contacted.

The group can be found at - bit.ly/3Ky1f7r