Stroud is a good place to be in as I discovered in 2004 when I moved from London .But recently I have noticed some unwelcome changes, perhaps influenced by wider global structural changes ?

I was approaching the new and wonderful 5 valleys Medical Centre the other day when I met a friend coming out as we stopped to exchange a few words on the pavement outside

We were suddenly startled by a young woman forcing her way in between us , causing us to take a step back and look at her in astonishment..

She called back " You shouldn't be blocking all the pavement. "

We had left half the pavement clear.

As an 83 year old , I am just wondering if this young woman had been influenced by the way in which the de facto world government ( The Corporations ) are treating us all, particularly the older generations ( and sometimes the national government too as is now being revealed more clearly regarding deaths in care homes during the pandemic.)

All over the country , banks in towns are closing, shopping centres are empty, high streets are no longer functioning and the usual opportunities for people to meet , chat and buy and sell goods that they can try on and touch are disappearing . Meanwhile the handful of global billionaires are increasing their hoards daily while any wage increase for workers is fiercely battled over .

The enforcement of the necessity to buy goods on line and to become familiar with the increasingly complicated systems of verification of our identities has taken away so much of everyday interaction ( and the old are the most affected !)

Are we being manipulated to keep indoors and keep out of sight ?

Just wondering

Geraldine Lander