A WOMAN in Stonehouse has been served with an anti-social behaviour order. 

Karen Appleton, 43, was served with the civil injunction following 'persistent nuisance behaviour.'

According to Gloucestershire Police, the order comes after a series of incidents during which Appleton was a 'persistent nuisance' to her neighbours. 

Her behaviour, as well as the behaviour of her visitors, had a 'significant impact' on those who lived nearby.

Appleton was served with the injunction on Thursday, February 23 after the order was granted by the Cheltenham and Gloucester County Court.  

She could be arrested if she breaks the injunction.

Stroud Neighbourhood Policing Team say they hope the injunction will bring 'some peace' to her neighbours.

PC Liz Nattrass, said: “Appleton has caused her neighbours years of disruption and, despite previous warnings, she has failed to change her behaviour.

“This order was sought in an effort to stop Appleton from continuing in this manner and to allow her neighbours to have some peace.”

Stroud News and Journal: Karen Appleton, 43, could be arrested if she breaks the injunctionKaren Appleton, 43, could be arrested if she breaks the injunction (Image: Gloucestershire Police)

The injunction - which remains in force until February 21, 2024 - forbids Appleton from:

  • Engaging in conduct which causes or is capable of causing a nuisance and annoyance to any person living in or visiting Kings Road;
  • Using or threatening to use violence against any person living in or visiting Kings Road;
  • Keeping or allowing any illegal substances including drugs of any class or any drug paraphernalia onto the property on Kings Road. 

Anyone witnessing Appleton breaching her injunction is asked to contact police on 101.

Alternatively you can report this by report this by completing the following online form - https://tinyurl.com/u2u783ee