So it is indeed true that some of our market stallholders have not heated some of their glass houses this winter due to the price of energy. The impact on the price of the produce would have made it too expensive to sell. Isn’t it odd that our food production in this country is relative to the whims of the free market economy? This is our food we are talking about!

There is an obvious answer in my mind. Every farm has huge barns so why not help farmers get the funding to cover these barns in solar panels? Instead of their fields? Rather than a farm subsidy, farmers would have their own free electricity to use, thus keeping their costs and the price of our foods down. It is similar with water. DEFRA has done nothing to fortify our farmers against potential long dry spells and water costs are astronomical already for farmers. The consequence of this is failure of crops! Our food!

This week’s market sees Karobi returning with Ghee. They have two new flavours for the season, Rosemary Ghee, perfect for spring lamb, roasted veg or potatoes, and a new product, Honey Cinnamon Ghee, made using a local Stroud honey blended with cinnamon infused ghee for a healthy and delicious, sweet spiced buttery spread perfect for those hot cross buns. Talking of hot cross buns, you will find a version or two starting to appear at the bakers. I love to try the various different ones from each baker!